1.Cancer 27
3.To study the Vertebrate Kidney 16
4.To study the aspects of Biotech in Health Care 10
5.DNA Matching 13
6.Embryology 13
7.Sars 25
8.Anthrax 15
9.To study about Twinning 24
10.To study about Cloning 15
11.Immune System & Human Health 28
12.To study Gene Rearrangement 12
13.To study about the Heart Attack 16
14.To study about the Diabetes 20
15.Test Tube Baby 20
16.To study about “Heroin” it’s use and misuse 10
17.To study clotting of blood 14
18.To study about DNA Finger Printing 17
19.To study about the Human Blood 15
20.To study the various modes of spreads of Aids 18
21.To study about Vitamins 10
22.Paralyzing Death 10
23.To study about the ABC of Dengue 15
24.Killer Flu 16
25.Heredity 13
26.Aids (Introduction) 25
27.To study about “Tissues” 13
28.To study of transfer of characters in Family 21
29.To study about Biological Battery 10
30.To study the effect of different concentration of antibiotic on the growth of microbes in milk 12
31.To study the presence of insecticides or pesticides residues in various fruits and vegetables 18
32.To study about Human Genome 15
33.To study about Bone Diseases 18
34.To study about the colour blindness 17
35.To Study about the Human Cloning 20
36.To study about the Peptic Ulcer 14
37.To study about the Stomach Ulcer 15
38.To study about the Acne Vulgaris 19
39.To study about the Cough 13
40.To study about the T.B. (Tubercuosis) 18
41.To study the urine colour as a health indicator 11
42.To study about the Leucoderma 14
43.To study about the Thalassemia 19
44.To study about the Contact Lenses 21
45.To study about the High Blood Pressure 23
46.To study about the Pollination 16
47.To study about the chicken pox 15
48.To study about Thyroid Gland 18
49.To study about the types of Microorganisms in milk 13
50.Cancer 18
51.Artificial Kidney (working with lights) CREDITS
52.To study about Heart Diseases 20

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