1.Determination of Acid Value of Lemon & Tomato 15
2.To study the % of present in Drugs / Syrups and to study itís clinical effects 20
3.Chromatography 20
4.To determine the percentage of alcohol present in Soft Drinks 17
5.Evaporation of Liquids 13
6.Aspirin contents in Tablets 22
7.To estimate the Nicotine content in given Cigarette brands 12
8.Analyzing the sample of Drinking Water 17
9.To find out the Egg shells of various Hens have same Ca contents 16
10.To study the effect of acid and bases on the tensile strength of fibres of cotton, nylon and silk 13
11.To investigate the effect of impurities (solid & liquid both) on the boiling point of liquid 16
12.Study of presence of oxalate ions in Guava fruit in different stages 17
13.To extract iron from apple, guava, cauliflower, mustard leaves, spinach, and hence to estimate the quantity of iron in them 15
14.To separate the constituents of the mixing using chalk chromatography and calculate their Rf values 19
15.Preparation of Aspirin 11
16.To determine the boiling points elevation constant of water by experimentally determining the boiling point of different molal solutions of sucrose in water 16
17.To investigate the foaming capacity of soaps 14
18.To study the analysis of ions present in different brand of toothpastes 18
19.To analyse various labels of ink 11
20.Mode of cooling the human body and effect of various cosmetics 28
21.To study the comparison of the cleansing power of two detergents 14
22.Study of the rate of cooling of liquids having same volume and under same conditions 10
23.To study about the composite of milk 18
24.To study the phenomenon of adsorption of acetic acid on charcoal and to verify the Freundlich adsorption isotherm 17
25.To prepare transparent sheets from waste X-Ray films 11
26.To study about Amino Acids 17
27.To study about tea waste as a industrial raw material 12
28.To study about tobacco 15
29.To determine the percentage of chlorine in Bleaching powder 18
30.Study the amount of acidity in Tomato with increase in refining 18
31.To study Aspirin 18
32.Separate the coloured components present in the mixture of red and blue inks by ascending paper chromatography and find their Rf values 11
33.Compare the tannic acid contents of various samples of tea 10
34.To detect the presence of carbohydrate, proteins, minerals as well as acidic strength of the juice of Orange and Apple 20
35.Nickel present in Chocolates 14
36.Test for the flavouring agents in Tea 15
37.To detect the presence or absence of Nickel in different samples of Chocolates 13
38.To determine cations & anions present in Coconut water 16
39.To study about fruits & their nutrient contents 16
40.To study the effect of different concentrations of antibiotic on the growth of microbes in milk 12
41.To study the presence of carbohydrates in milk 13
42.To test for the various components present in Honey 15
43.Why apple turns brown ? 19
44.Preparation of soyabean milk 25
45.Isolation of casein from milk 23
46.To detect the presence of different radicals, cations and anions present in different tooth pastes 16
47.To study the mechantish of rusting of blades and quality of blades 20
48.To analyse some fruit juices for the contents in them 13
49.To study about the physical and chemical properties of water 14
50.To study different samples of milk and determine their protein and lactic acid content 18
51.To compare the water soluble polyphenol (Catechin contents in the various samples of Tea Leaves) 19
52.To dye wool and cotton clothes with malachite green 15
53.To prepare Fire Retardant solution 18
54.Extraction of Lactose present in milk 13
55.To convert an X-Ray sheet in to Plastic Sheet 19
56.To study about Milk 16
57.Which substance acts better polishing agent when polishing silver ? (silver sulphide polishing) 19
58.To classify various dyes on the basis of their constitution 18
59.Determination of Relationship between molecular mass and solubility product of a solid 23

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