2.To investigate the variation of resistance of a semi-conductor18
3.Semiconductor 10
4.To find the refractive index of different liquids with the help of hollow prism 13
5.To find value of ‘G’ (acceleration due to gravity) using a liquid pendulum, based on simple harmonic motion 19
6.Variation of resistance of a conductor with rise in temperature 16
7.To study about Logic Gates 17
8.To study about gases 13
9.Mutual Induction 16
10.Rectification & Rectifiers 11
11.Fibre Optics 20
12.Photo Electric Cell 16
13.To study the percentage of light energy emitted 16
14.Laser – Working & Applications 12
15.Optical Fibre activation system 12
16.To compare the effeiciency of various brands of Dry cells available in the market15
17.Thermo Couple 11
18.To study the effect on the force of attraction between a barmagnet and a solenoid 17
19.Semi Conductors 25
20.To construct an air core transformer and to study principle of mutual induction 15
21.To study spherical and chromatic aberration in lenses 18
22.To construct a power supply of 1.5 V to 12V using Bridge Rectifier 13
23.To study the working of photo diode 12
24.To study of magnetic field produced of an electric current through improvised coil 12
25.To determine the production of induced E.M.F. in coil 12
26.To study about transistor as an amplifier 11
27.Using transistor as a switch 11
28.To study about AC to DC conversion 11
29.To study the factors responsible for affecting the intensity of light transmitted through liquid optical media 14
30.To study the various factor affecting the electrical conductivity of an electrolyte 14
31.To construct a model of electroplating with copper electrode 13
32.To find out the value of unknown resistance using Wheatstone Bridge 13
33.Investigatory project on Electrolysis 20
34.To study moving magnetized needle Galvanomater 15
35.To study about the Daniel Dell 13
36.To compare the deflection method and the null method which generally are adopted to compare the magnetic moments of two barmagnets 20
37.To find out the dependence of E.M.F. of a cell on various factors such as concentration, temperature and material of electrode 20
38.To study about optical fibres 18
39.To study about electromotive force 15
40.To compare young’s modulus of elasticity of different specimens of rubber & also draw their hysteresis graph 16
41.To study the urine colour as a health indicator 11
42.To study a positive feedback circuit of an audio oscillator with the help of L.C. Circuit 17
43.To determine the values of coefficient of friction between wood and wood, wood and glass, wood and iron, wood and brass and to study the factors on which it depends 13
44.To find an efficiency of an electric bulb and to establish its relation with the voltage of the bulb 15
45.To prepare thermo electric generator and to develop voltage so called thermo E.M.F. 10
46.Touch sensitive alarm 10
47.Drilling 26
48.To identify different component with the help of multitester 10
49.To verify kirchoff’s law by applying them to cubical and tetrahedral circuits and finding equivalent resistance 15
50.To investigate the factors affecting rate of flow of electric charge through different metal wires 33
51.To study about Optical Instruments18
52.To study the Optical Fiber Communication23

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