S.No.Model NameRate
1.Eye (non working) 250/-
2.Eye Printed (working with lights) 400/-
3.Eye (working with lights) 600/-
4.Heart (non working) 250/-
5.Heart Printed (working with lights) 400/-
6.Heart (working with lights) 600/-
7.Brain (non working) 250/-
8.Brain Printed (working with lights) 400/-
9.Brain (working with lights) 600/-
10.Liver (non working) 250/-
11.Liver Printed (working with lights) 400/-
12.Liver (working with lights) 600/-
13.Kidney (non working) 250/-
14.Kidney Printed (working with lights) 400/-
15.Kidney (working with lights) 600/-
16.Photosynthesis (non working) 250/-
17.Photosynthesis (working with lights) 600/-
18.Biogas Plant (non working ) 250/-
19.Biogas Plant (working with lights) 600/-
20.Digestive System (non working) 250/-
21.Digestive System (working with lights) 600/-
22.Circulatory System printed (working with lights) 600/-
23.Skeleton System Printed (working with lights) 600/-
24.D.N.A. (working with lights) 600/-
25.D.N.A. + R.N.A. (working with lights) 800/-
26.Animal Cell (non working) 250/-
27.Animal Cell (working with lights) 600/-
28.Plant Cell (non working) 250/-
29.Plant Cell (working with lights) 600/-
30.Animal Cell + Plant Cell (non working) 500/-
31.Animal Cell + Plant Cell (working with lights) 800/-
32.Food Chain (non working) 250/-
33.Food Chain (working with lights) 500/-
34.Respiratory System (non working ) 250/-
35.Respiratory System (working with lights) 600/-
36.Respiratory System (Working with Balloon)600/-
37.AIDS (working with lights) 600/-
38.Test Tube Baby (working with lights) 600/-
39.Circulatory System (non working) 250/-
40.Reflex action (non-working) 250/-
41.Reflex Action (working)600/-
42.Water Cycle (Non-Working)300/-
43.Water Cycle (working with lights) 600/-
44.Food Web (non-working)300/-
45.Food Web (working) 600/-
46.Cloning of Sheep (Non-working) 250/-
47.Cloning of Sheep (working with Lights) 600/-
48.Human Cloning (non-working) 250/-
49.Human Cloning (working with lights) 600/-
50.Artificial Kidney (non working) 250/-
51.Artificial Kidney (working with lights) 600/-
52.Amoeba (non working) 250/-
53.Amoeba (working with lights) 600/-
54.Life Cycle of Butterfly (non-working) 250/-
55.Life cycle of Butterfly (working with lights) 600/-
56.Life cycle of Frog (non-working) 250/-
57.Life Cycle of Frog (working with lights) 600/-
58.Life cycle of Silkworm (non working) 250/-
59.Life cycle of Silk-worm (working with lights) 600/-
60.Biosphere 600/-
61.Structure of flower (non-working) 300/-
62.Food Pyramid 500/-
63.Healthy food & Junk food 400/-
64.Waste water treatment plant (Non-working) 400/-
65.Waste Water treatment plant (working) 1000/-
66.Parts of Body (Non-working) 250/-
67.Parts of Body (working) 600/-
68.Structure of Nerve Cell (non-working) 250/-
69.Structure of Nerve Cell (working) 600/-
70.Layers of Soil (non-working) 250/-
71.Parts of Plant (non-Working) 250/-
72.Germination of Seed (non-working) 250/-
73.Flow of Energy (Non-working) 300/-
74.Structure of Egg 350/-
75.Knee Joint (working) 250/-
76.Elbow Joint (working) 250/-
77.Balanced Diet (non-working) 350/-
78.Healthy Food & Junk Food 400/-
79.Swine Flu Working 600/-
80.Swine Flu Non Working 350/-
81.Deficiency Diseases Non Working350/-
82.Cancer (working with lights) 600/-

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