S.No.Model NameRate
1.Electroplating 450/-
2.Water Quality Checker 300/-
3.Volcano 400/-
4.Noise Pollution Meter 450/-
5.Carbon Cycle (non working) 250/-
6.Carbon Cycle (working with lights) 600/-
7.Nitrogen Cycle (non working) 250/-
8.Nitrogen Cycle (working with lights) 600/-
9.Oxygen Cycle (non working) 250/-
10.Oxygen Cycle (working with lights) 600/-
11.Nuclear Reactor 800/-
12.Pollution Factory (non working) 350/-
13.Pollution Factory (working with siren) 400/-
14.Pollution + Non Pollution Factory 700/-
15.Electrolysis of Water 400/-
16.Water Pollution meter 300/-
17.Structure of Atom 250/-
18.Bio- chemical Cell (Generate a voltage with biological waste)(METER display) 400/-
19.Nuclear Power Plant (non-working) 500/-
20.Biogas Plant display with lights 600/-
21.Journey of Water (River To Tap) non working 600/-
22.Waste water treatment plant 3D Non Working 400/-
23.Bio-gas Plant (non-working)250/-
24.Distillation of Petrol (working with Lights) 600/-
25.Blast Furnace (non-working)250/-
26.Ozone Layer (non-working)350/-
27.Structure of Atom (Working) 500/-
28.Global Warming 3D P.O.P.(working)1200/-
29.Global Warming wooden base 700/-
30.Energy from Waste (18x24)800/-
31.Structure of Diamond250/-
32.Three States of Matter 400/-
33.Voltaic Cell 400/-
34.Distillation of Petrol (non-working) 250/-
35.Global Warming 3D 18x36 Thermocol Base 1500/-

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